The Power of Conscious Marketing

A 5-Week Online Course to Grow Your Business Through the Power of Consciousness

The Power of Conscious Marketing is a brand-new program from Inner MBA & Conscious Marketer that teaches you how to market with authenticity and gives you a solid, practical, and time-tested roadmap to achieve your business goals and powerfully attract your ideal customers.

This program is the result of over 10 years of work with hundreds of leading authors, professionals, and teachers in the transformation, healing, personal development, and conscious business markets and it is here to help you radically grow your business and navigate today’s very competitive and saturated markets with success.

The Power of Conscious Marketing begins on February 4, 2021! Find more details below:

“We believe if you have a product or service that can change lives, then it is your sacred responsibility to get it into the hands of those who need it most, and we want to support you with that” – Richard Taubinger & Kylie Slavik.

Richard Taubinger

Richard Taubinger has a background in investment management and in digital publishing sectors and is the CEO and Founder of Conscious Marketer and one of the world’s leading digital strategy and launch experts. You can read more about him here.

Kylie Slavik is the Director of Storytelling and Brand Development for Conscious Marketer. Her goal is to transform human consciousness by helping entrepreneurs, practitioners, and spiritual people share their truth with the world. You can read more about her here.

What Can The Power of Conscious Marketing Offer You?

The Power of Conscious Marketing will arm you with a breadth of comprehensive and insightful lessons and practices that will help you conduct your business with more effectiveness, authenticity, and power.

Some of the core principles you will learn in this program include:

  • How to use your unique strengths to position yourself and stand out in today’s crowded market.
  • How to identify the biggest opportunities for your business and take full advantage of them.
  • How to create a practical marketing plan for your launches and social media strategy.
  • How to skillfully change your business strategy when you have tried almost everything but nothing has worked.
  • How to design successful offers that sell.
  • How to build authentic connections with people who could help you on your journey.
  • How introverts can get their message out without feeling overwhelmed or depleted.

The Power of Conscious Marketing Program Summary

Here’s everything The Power of Conscious Marketing program includes:

The Power of Conscious Marketing Summary 2

5-Week LIVE Online Training with Richard Taubinger & Kylie Slavik

Members-Only Online Community

Private Online Portal with Downloadable Access to All Trainings

Bonus #1: 3+ Hours of Video Training from the Inner MBA

Bonus #2: Decolonize Your Story – How to Integrate & Scale Your Messaging, Impact & Soul Through Evocative Body-Based Inquiry

Bonus #3: Video Script Mastery – How to Integrate Video into Your Online Promotions & Launches

Bonus #4: Podcast Alchemy – How to Build Your Audience & Get Your Message Out to Thousands

Bonus #5: $500 Credit to the Upcoming Inner MBA Program

I sincerely hope you enjoy this program! 🙂

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Free 3-Part Conscious Marketing Online Workshop

You are invited to join a Free 3-Part Workshop to get a sense of what The Power of Conscious Marketing program is all about.

In this live workshop, Inner MBA founder Tami Simon, Conscious Marketer CEO Richard Taubinger, and Conscious Marketer Brand Story Expert Kylie Slavik will talk about: 

  • Conscious Marketing for People Who Don’t Like Marketing.
  • Overcoming the Most Common Obstacles to Getting Your Work Known in the World.
  • Riding the Current Wave (Includes a Live Q&A).