Meditation and Psychotherapy

An Online Training Course with Tara Brach to Bring Mindfulness into Your Daily Life

The course begins on August 17, 2020!


Are you a mental health professional looking to bring mindfulness into your clinical practice? Or, are you deeply interested in knowing your true essence and living a life of awareness, peace, love and joy, and less suffering? If so, you are in the right place! 🙂

Meditation and Psychotherapy is a 9-session online course with world-renowned spiritual teacher and clinical psychologist Tara Brach that will teach you how to access the transformative power of mindfulness and bring that power into your personal and professional life.

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Hello, friend! 🙂

My name is Carlos Azuaje and I want to help you deepen your Consciousness and live a life of Presence, for your benefit, the benefit of those around you, and the world at large.

Through this course, offered to you by Sounds True, you will take a step forward towards realizing this purpose.

In addition to the 8+ hours of video lessons, you will also receive 3 bonus audio-learning programs when you join this course:

  • The Roots of Buddhist Psychology – with Jack Kornfield.
  • Mindfulness and Psychotherapy – with Thich Nhat Hanh.
  • Mindfulness Meditation – with Tara Brach.

“Mindfulness can strengthen our attention, awaken compassion and empathy, expand our acceptance of our own inner states, help us navigate trauma, and so much more we’re still discovering” – Tara Brach.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]!

And! Before you go, please know that you can enjoy a Free Webinar from Tara Brach on Integrating Meditation and Psychotherapy (details below) 🙂

Holding A Healing Space

Free 60-Minute Webinar on Integrating Meditation and Psychotherapy to explore:

  • The rewards of bringing mindfulness practice into the therapeutic setting, for both the therapist and the client.
  • The power of self-compassion.
  • The critical role of mindfulness during traumatic times, and how mindfulness can support social transformation and the evolution of humanity.
  • A guided “RAIN” meditation for embracing ourselves with loving attention.